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But whatever the chosen massage flow is depending on taste. Moreover, in essence, massage movement is divided into five main movements. The trick is not too complicated that can be practiced at home, for the little guy as well as for couples. But, of course, with different pressures.
1. Effleurage (stroking)
Motion carried by both hands from the waist, leading to the top or shoulder. This movement is quite long and with a boost pressure but hard or soft depending on the massage. The goal is to increase local circulation and makes the body become relaxed.
2. Petrisage (kneading)
This movement is like pinching the skin between thumb and forefinger. The movement is continuous, starting from the bottom, do the pinch or squeeze continuously roll up to the top. This movement stimulates the muscles are more relaxed and create better blood circulation as well as for the lymph nodes.
3. Tapotement (percussion)
It belongs to the most rapid movements and using both hands. First, tapping with the fingertips. Movements such as menggetik. In Swedish massage, movement facial massage is practiced today. The fingers moved just above the eyebrows. The movement is quick but feels soft. Second, hacking, one side of the hand nearest the little finger is moved like a karate chop. High velocity and between left and right hand continued to connect with each other. The touch massager should not be interrupted with a body massage. Remember, too, fingers pressed together. Third, cupping, fingers slightly curved molded with pliable. Fourth, slapping, which used the reverse side of the palm of the hand, but uses a flat section. Fifth, Pounding, the way he clenched hands and put on the bottom or close to the little finger into the body. When choosing a percussion movement, should avoid to do with the pressure in the surrounding parts of the kidneys and bone structure. This movement, can actually be done gently, like the patterns used in Swedish Massage.
4. Vibration
Hand movements back and forth alternately between the left and right hand. Place both hands on the body massaged. First, the forward movement of the left hand and right hand back, do it while continuing to move into the top or shoulder. This movement is usually done in the back, thighs and buttocks. The effect is expected to stimulate action in the central nervous system conditions. But this movement can also calm nerves if done gently.
In each movement, it is important to do after doing the stroking massage vibration, kneading and percussion. So after doing one of three massage movements, interspersed with the stroking was then advanced to the second motion, again interspersed with stroking.
Then the masseuse, make the body as a burden so that the hands are not too tired to work. Also, do not be until after the massage, body massagers that even stiff pinggal, for example. If done standing, place your feet do the meeting will fray. If you can join the body moves like a hand movement or feel like dancing so do not feel sore after a massage